How We Work

The most important foundation for us at Oak is trust. We trust one another to do the right thing. We trust our people to take ownership of their work and work style. We know that people work best in different ways, and we embrace those differences.

A core objective of Oak is to facilitate mutuality between people of all types, all backgrounds, all perspectives, and all abilities, and we have built our organization around this philosophy in an open, inclusive, and supportive way.

Our collaboration model is based on the principles of Open Value Networks and Open Enterprise, where our Anchor Team provides support for a larger network of skilled collaborators that are empowered to do what they do best. This means that for the most part, we operate similarly to what you would expect on an Open Source project where you can pick up tasks as you see fit, with the additional benefit that you can be paid for your contribution.

Work-life balance is critical as we move to a work environment where the lines between home and office have blurred. We value people taking time off when they need to unplug from work, and we strive to support our teammates’ individual needs through all seasons of life. 

We are a come-as-you are workplace and seek to find a working situation that works for you, including full- or part-time schedules and flexible hours.

We are a fully remote workplace at this time.


We are currently seeking freelance consultants and contractors with expertise in any of:
Front-End Web Development

Please reach out even if you do not see your specialty here! While we are highlighting specific skills above, we are seeking passionate, self-motivated individuals with diverse backgrounds and skillsets.

If your biggest passion is to help your peers achieve their best, you may be a candidate for our full-time Anchor Team. We are limited in our ability to hire for this team at this time, but please contact us with your notification of interest.

Our team is always growing and we will be in touch!

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